The John Muir Discovery Award – (40 hours)


The John Muir Discovery Award – Residential (40 hours)

Based at Dare Valley Park we hold exclusive school camps in term time, or hold holiday camps which are open to the general public.
The 40 hrs of activities includes options for a camping experience where the children get to cook for themselves and take leadership of the night time activities. This camp has proven to be a success because of the variety of learning and adventure activities.

Some of the camp features are:

  • Archery
  • Shelter building and making fires
  • Woodwork and whittling
  • Mountain biking
  • Night walks
  • Conserve a wild area
  • Create a floor book of evidence







The children have a truly amazing John Muir experience and learn so much about their environment and ecology in a fun and social fashion. At the end of camp every participant receives their John Muir Discovery Award which sets them on their way to the Explorer award, or the beginning of their Duke of Edinburgh award.

Max 30 spaces
Activity and camping equipment provided
8:1 ratio of tutors to children
Option to stay yourselves

Private group residential are between £100 – £150 per child (12 minimum and based on 2 nights) Longer stays are available.

Contact us to discuss tailoring the residential to you and your children needs. click here for contact details. 

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