Forest Kindergarten & Swedish Early Years Pedagogy (Skogsmulle).

Forest Kindergarten & Swedish Early Years Pedagogy (Skogsmulle)

This 4.5 day leader course introduces the Scandinavian early years pedagogy Skogsmulle and combines it with an accredited Forest Kindergarten Level 3, for an experiential learning methodology for children aged 0-7 years.

What you’ll learn
Over 4.5 days, we’ll teach you the principles and approach of Forest Kindergarten alongside the theory of how children play, learn and interact with nature. In particular the three themes form the basis of Forest School Kindergarten:
 People, place and pedagogy
  • How to prepare yourself as a practitioner to take young children to visit a green space
  • How to set up a suitable site
  • How to set boundaries with children
  • How to prepare for risks (risk-benefit model)
  • Research on the benefits of playing and learning outdoors
  • Games and songs to support children with the routines of regular visits to a greenspace

Skogsmulle facilitates play focused development by providing learning activities in the outdoors that stimulate children’s imagination to enhance physical, mental and social development. A growing body of academic research has highlighted the need for children to have opportunities to participate in play as a means of building a strong foundation for formal learning later on in life – Skogsmulle is a proven means of achieving this.

Ignite are the only organisation in Wales accredited to deliver both the Forest Kindergarten and Skogsmulle leader courses, Skogsmulle is an outdoor learning pedagogy developed in Sweden (pronounced skogs-mull-a) which has been adopted extensively throughout Scandinavia, Germany, and Japan.
Our trainers have been trained by leading Swedish Pedagoues as part of the expansion of Skogsmulle UK which is an exciting and growing movement. Skogsmulle aligns to the Foundation Phase curriculum outcomes as illustrated below.

Skogsmulle – Meeting the Foundation Phase Curriculum Outcomes:

  • Language, Literacy and Communication Skills
  • Mathematical skills development
  • Personal and Social Development & well-being (self and others).
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World.
  • Welsh Language Development
  • Physical Development

Who will benefit from this:

Early Year Professionals, Foundation Phase Teachers and those wanting to develop high quality developmental appropriate outdoor play.

Learn more about Skogsmulle:


Wales PPA article on Skogsmulle coming to Wales

Further information from Friluftsfrämjandet (Swedish Association for Promotion of Outdoor Life): Skogsmulle leaflet

Fee: £580 per person (include certificates in Skogsmulle Leadership & Forest Kindergarten L3).

Group Fee: £2800 (max 6), £6200 (max 12), 12,000 (Max 24)

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