Mindstretchers – Documenting the learning using Talking & Thinking Floorbooks


Documenting the learning using Talking & Thinking Floorbooks™ (Level 1)


This inspirational training course examines the place of consultation in the early years and primary sector and how it can impact upon the planning process and educationalists’ practice. It is designed to look at the way we involve our children from the age of 0 to 12 years in planning their learning linked to the curriculum. The course will include the motivational strategies developed by Claire Warden, International Educational Consultant, to promote effective communication and the recording through Talking and Thinking Floorbooks™, Talking TubsTM and 3-dimensional Mind-Mapping which are being acknowledged by inspecting bodies in the UK as incredibly effective recording and evidencing tools for young children’s learning and experiences.
[toggle_content title=”Aims”]

To encourage children to participate in the planning process, share knowledge and communicate their ideas with due consideration to the implications of brain-based learning and emotional intelligence.
To discuss the adult role in the consultation process through exploring the practical methodologies for recording children’s ideas and voices.


[toggle_content title=”Learning Outcomes & Objectives”]

You will be able to:

  • Identify action points to increase the participation of children in planning
  • Introduce a range of consultation techniques which promote the use of children’s ideas in developing a planning framework linked to the curriculum

Publications by Claire Warden to support the course:
Talking and Thinking Floorbooks™ A practical Guide to Floorbooks


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