The John Muir Award

The John Muir Award

The John Muir Award is a nationally recognised body and award which encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to connect with, enjoy and care for the planet’s wild places. It does this through a structured yet adaptable scheme. This means that Ignite UP can utilise it’s experience and expertise in outdoor learning and educational practice to marry curriculum linked skills and outdoor practical activities to deliver a ‘rounded’ program which delivers for all!

This award is open to all groups of children and adults from within a school, collage or an external group setting (e.g. youth groups, specialist groups).

What is it and how does the Discovery award work?

John Muir: explorer, scientist, father of ecology…and Scottish. 

Four Challenges are at the heart of the John Muir Award. They are designed to promote a holistic approach, and reflect John Muir’s wilderness experiences. By ’holistic’ we mean experiences that include Awareness, Understanding, and Action.

To achieve a John Muir Discovery Award, each individual participant engages in a range of activities  totalling 40 hours that embrace the following four Challenges:

1.Discover a wild place,
2. Explore its wildness,
3. Conserve a wildplace,
4. Share your experience

The programs

Ignite UP can work with you to deliver this award in a format which suits your setting, group size and age. The award can be delivered as a residential, an in-school or college program, or a series of day sessions based at our wonderful woodland.
Please click the following links to read more about our John Muir Discovery Award Programs: Residential / In school

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