International Mud Day

Today (29th June) is International Mud Day. Muddy play is undoubtedly a favourite at our Forest School and it’s easy to see why! In addition to being super fun, mud plays a surprisingly important role in helping children learn and develop. Here are just a few reasons to explore the magic of muddy play that will make you want to celebrate mud EVERY day! 

Muddy Faces also has some amazing resources for International Mud Day Play here

1. Mud helps children develop their fine and gross motor skills

Mud Kitchen Play at Forest School
Mud Painting at Forest School

Photography: Valleys Photography 

Muddy play is brilliant for developing children’s fine and gross motor skills. Mud kitchen play encourages children to stir,  pour, transfer and more which is fantastic for their fine motor skills. Children can also develop their gross motor skills through digging for mud, throwing mud balls at targets or making mud paint and painting on large vertical sheets. 

2. Mud is scientifically proven to make us feel happier!

Mud Tuff Tray Idea

Photography: Valleys Photography 

The same microscopic bacteria found in dirt that improve our immune system is also a proven way to make us feel happier by increasing the amount of serotonin we produce. 

3. Muddy play encourages creativity

Mud Faces - Forest School Idea
Mud Painting at Forest School

Photography: Valleys Photography 

When playing with mud the opportunities are endless! Mud can be a cake, a pie, a face, paint, cement, soup or pretty much anything you want it to be. Mud is the ultimate creative resource and can be used in an infinite amount of ways according to the children’s play.

4. Mud is a great sensory resource

Photography: Valleys Photography 

Children love getting stuck into the mud. There are so many ways that you can use this as a sensory resource. You can dry it out and it can be fine and crumbly, you can add lots of water and make gloopy slimy mud. Either way, the children will absolutely love the sensory experience. Some children will want to put their hands in and feel the sensations on their hands, others will want to sit and roll around in giant puddles. Each way of using mud as a sensory resource will have the children jumping with excitement. 

5. Mud is FREE!

Gardening Tuff Tray Idea

Photography: Valleys Photography 

Leaving the best part of mud until last… IT’S FREE! Mud is one of the greatest resources that you can use in your setting and it has absolutely no cost. There’s no excuse to not experience the magic of muddy play. Put the pasta down! There’s no need to spend money (and food resources) on Tuff Tray resources. Our most popular Tuff Tray idea amongst the children is a tray full of mud, gardening tools and old plant pots.

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