Dare Valley Nature Kindergarten Opening

Dare Valley Nature Kindergarten

School’s out….forever! Well, here at The Dare Valley Nature Kindergarten our school is outside, located in our woodland area, set in the beautiful Dare Valley Country Park.

Outdoor learning at our Nature Kindergarten will help your child develop physically, emotionally, and mentally. Children who attend our forest school are able to explore nature in depth which in turn can have significant impacts on their confidence, communication skills and happiness.

We will soon have places for 35 children, who on a full time basis, will spend 80% of their time outside, then for the remaining 20% of the time, we have our Yurt, 2 Tipi’s and the former outdoor education building leased to us from RCTCBC.

We will be showcasing Wales’ first Nature Kindergarten and its leading edge practice, providing international pedagogues with a unique firsthand experience to observe how Nature Pedagogy has been embedded into a Foundation Phase setting in Wales this August at the Skogsmulle International Symposium 2017.

If your children excel playing outside, using their imagination, then they will no doubt be totally suited to spending every day at our welcoming forest school. We have a teaching team of 8, including qualified teachers who teach subjects such as Messy Maths, Literacy in the outdoors and Mindstretchers: Nurturing Nature.

Dare Valley Nature Kindergarten Taster / Open Day - SIGN UP


When did you last see your child climb a tree?

Ignite-UP-Cyfleon-skogsmulle-unlocking-potential-forest-school-well-being-future-generations-act-successful-futures-outdoor-learning-DARE-VALLEY-KINDERGARTEN5_250x250Our LadyBird Parent Toddler group is a great example where children from 6 months to 3 years explore the woods, continually taking risks as part of their play. Many parents remark that seeing their children near fire and playing with sticks, wood and mud reminds them of their childhood; so it seems strange that the culture to our children taking risks is still so adverse.

We then run afternoon sessions providing 2.5-5 year old children with a safe and exciting environment in the nature kindergarten.
This will soon be extended so that children can attend our outdoor school, 08:00 – 18:00, 5 days a week!

“Risk is essential to childhood – as are scrapes, grazes, falls and panic.”

Your child's imagination will spark their natural learning abilities

A child’s curiosity for nature and the enviroIgnite-UP-Cyfleon-skogsmulle-unlocking-potential-forest-school-well-being-future-generations-act-successful-futures-outdoor-learning-DARE-VALLEY-KINDERGARTEN2_250x250nment naturally sparks further development in all the areas we want to see our children grow in.

Gaining those all important skills such as speech and language, physical development, emotional and social wellbeing is imperative for our future generations to be able to excel in life, no matter the path they choose to take.

“The outdoors can be such an exciting adventure for children. They are instinctively interested in the environment around them which brings about a high level of attention, fascination and concentration.”

"My child has a level of independence that he has never experienced at a regular play group"

Ignite-UP-Cyfleon-skogsmulle-unlocking-potential-forest-school-well-being-future-generations-act-successful-futures-outdoor-learning-DARE-VALLEY-KINDERGARTEN6_250x250As soon as my child joined the Dare Valley Nature Kindergarten, it was clear that this outdoor learning facility offered something unique.

The activities are led by the children themselves which is a massive bonus as my son sometimes found it hard to engage in a traditional pre-school setting.

The children can explore the woods, dig, make mud pies, splash in puddles and play in the stream…all the things most of us fondly remember from our own childhood.

“The opportunity to fuel my son’s desire to learn before he is committed to a classroom is invaluable.”

Outdoor, nature based learning can support the childcare & education system

Ignite-UP-Cyfleon-skogsmulle-unlocking-potential-forest-school-well-being-future-generations-act-successful-futures-outdoor-learning-DARE-VALLEY-KINDERGARTEN3_250x250A recent Independent article explains how “The pioneering Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 has been described by the United Nations as “world-leading”. Among other things, its seven well-being goals aim to make Wales a healthier place, where physical and mental well-being are maximised and in which choices and behaviours that benefit future health are understood.”

“Skogsmulle, the Swedish Early Years nature based pedagogy can help support the childcare and education system in meeting the physical, social and emotional needs of today’s children as well as innovative legislation like the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act.”

Dare Valley Nature Kindergarten Taster / Open Day - SIGN UP

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