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We worked with the family engagement team at Barnardo’s RCT to construct an innovative programme which would engage the families and provide opportunities for families to learn new fun, healthy and sustainable activities which would allow families to connect with themselves and others. The result was a 10 week Saturday programme of outdoor activities and a 2 day residential. 

Families took part as a one-off as well as some engaging throughout the programme. The results saw a measurable increase in confidence and engagement, supported by our observations of Wellbeing and Confidence behaviours and the soft observations of families returning in groups to “play” in Dare Valley Country Park in their own time. 

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I wanted to thank yourself and the team for facilitating such an exceptional family engagement programme and residential…families have commented how much they enjoyed taking part in the activities with such an experienced and supportive team…on behalf of all the families and the Team from Barnardo’s – a very big Thank You!

I know that the team are very much looking forward to the other activities we have booked in with you in the future.

Zoe Parfitt 
Team Around the Family Manager

Barnardo’s RCT


Whist being healthy and fun, the idea was to show families how easy it is to get outdoors and have fun with their children. A totally awesome group and project.

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