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Why we exist and what we offer

We created Ignite Unlocking Potential with a really simple purpose…

To inspire and unlock the potential of every child 

We provide opportunities for children and adults to experience learning in the outdoors to increase awareness of and connection with nature to foster multi-sensory, engaging and fun learning experiences…which are proven to develop physical, cognitive and social competences as well as positively impacting on the creativity, empathy and compassion for people and our environment.

Started by father, qualified teacher and Local Education Authority Adviser, Darren Lewis, who began the journey with Cyfleon Ltd, a part-time social enterprise whereby he combined a full-time job with developing ‘this business’ on the weekends. A business which he wanted to positively impact on the lives of children and adults and meet the demands of our modern day culture where children and adults are suffering because of a disconnection with nature and the outdoors.

During many successful and demanding years of self-development, listening to customers and building an expertise in outdoor learning, Darren realised that for him to unlock the full potential of the company and provide a variety of opportunities  to learn in the outdoors locally and nationally, he needed to focus training and practitioner work with Ignite Unlocking Potential and focus community and charitable projects with Cyfleon. Side by side Ignite Unlocking Potential and Cyfleon utilise the outdoors to provide opportunity and unlock potential.

How do we do this?

Ignite Unlocking Potential adopt proven pedagogical approaches to provide children and young people with stimulating, fun and engaging learning environments. Our approach centres on experiential learning approaches that are interest-led to encourage the development of independence and self esteem and which foster positive connections and relationships between children and young people and their surroundings.

In a nutshell we believe in people experiencing things for themselves instead of being told; plus we use the best classroom to do this…nature!

Why we think we are good at this?

With 10 years of experience and expertise, it is our commitment to our vision and developing excellence in all aspects of our practice that has seen Ignite Unlocking Potential become a leading provider of outdoor learning and training. We are privileged to have trained over a 1000  teachers and learning practitioners across Wales and England and whilst we have the knowledge and expertise, your needs are the most important to us.

We are affiliated to international education specialists in Scandinavia, Japan and the UK who have pioneered proven outdoor learning pedagogies including Forest Schools and Swedish Outdoor Learning. Through our affiliation with our international partners, Ignite Unlocking Potential are at the forefront of promoting the value of learning in the outdoors as a means of providing a holistic, interest-led and child centred curriculum. We have visited practices in Scotland, England, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Latvia Japan and the USA since 2011 to ensure we are at in the vanguard of international modern day practice. Our programmes encourage participation in outdoor, play focused learning  and adventure activities that are aligned to the National Curriculum.

We see our work as a privilege not a job; so our network of Outdoor Learning Trainers and Tutors not only come with teaching and outdoor learning qualifications, they come equipped with a passion to ensure that every child, adult or organisation we engage with gets the very best levels of engagement, service, expertise and outcomes.

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